Be meta with your dev notes


MedleyText makes your dev notes nice and shiny

Whether you are learning new language, saving code snippets, or jotting down steps to setup an environment,
MedleyText will help you to document them in a clean, pretty, and organized fashion.

Easily insert code blocks

MedleyText allows you to easily insert code blocks any where in the document. Simply pick a language, then either type in or paste the code snippet.

Multi syntax support on one note

You can insert code blocks with different languages all in one note. This will be especially useful if you are working on project that require lots and lots of languages :)

Save your notes online

You can connect MedleyText to your Google drive to sync all your notes to it(only web version for now).

Your notes will be automatically synced and updated as you work.

Other styling options for your notes

There are also lots of other neat styling options that you can use, including
bullets, to do list, headers, links, quotes.

You can also bold, italicize, underline texts as needed.

Questions & Answers

  • Do I have to pay to use MedleyText?

    MedleyText is completely free to use.

    We just think this is an awesome way to take notes as a developer, and wanted to share it with everyone!

  • Where does MedleyText save my notes?

    MedleyText desktop saves your notes into the folder you initially setup on startup.

    You can see where the folder is in Settings. Do not modify the notes, folders directly!

    If you are using MedleyText web, your notes are stored in the local storage of your browser.

    Should you sign in Google Drive, your notes will be stored in a special AppFolder that you will not be able to access directly.

  • Are my notes private on MedleyText?

    Yes! Your privacy on MedleyText is fully respected. All of your notes are stored locally (or on your drive) and do not go through our servers.

    We do run some Google Analytics just to see how active are our users, but these are anonymous and very primitive info.

  • How do I transfer my notes from web version to desktop?

    For now, you can download the file and import the file from your desktop app.

    We will soon add automatic drive sync to desktop platform as well so you can access your notes from anywhere

  • Oh no, I just accidently deleted my note... Can I get it back?

    When you click delete, a message will appear on the top right. Click on it to undo the delete.

    Do it quickly though, you only have 8 seconds before the message disappears.

    And don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

  • What programming languages do MedleyText support?

    If you scroll down a bit more, you will find the current list of supported languages.

    We are still working on bringing a lot more, so stay tuned!

  • Does MedleyText support shortcuts?

    Yup! You can find a list of shortcuts when you first load up Medley!


Download MedleyText

Free to use. Now be meta and make your dev notes nice and shiny.

You can also use MedleyText web version:
(slower updates compared to desktop)


Bash C Coffeescript
C++ C# CSS
Go Groovy Haskell
HTML Jade Java
Javascript JSON JSX
Makefile Matlab Nginx
Perl PHP Python
Ruby R Scala
Typescript XML Vim

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If you just want to talk, that is okay too!

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